June 2016 Service Update


There is a new update being rolled out on June 28. It includes the first phase of our Login Procedure Update and we have squashed some bugs!

New in June 2016:

Phase 1 of Login Procedure Update

The employee email address field is now a required field for any new user added to the application or to any existing employee profile that is edited.

This is the first phase in Dovico’s transition to using an employee’s email addresses as the User ID/Name when logging into Dovico. I have already notified the primary contacts for your organization about the change. For more details on the transition please check out this link.


  • Under some Zoom conditions in the Chrome browser, the size of the assignment tree pane (on the left of the Time Entry and Project Assignments views) would increase in width when entering/leaving the view until the right side pane became hidden. This should not happen anymore.
  • Timesheet will no longer send email notifications or reports to a user whose license has been removed.
  • A newly created project was not automatically added to an existing Job Scheduler reporting job set up using ‘All’ in the report’s Project List filter. These newly created projects will now be added to existing Job Scheduler reporting jobs.
  • A scheduled reporting job will now use the correct report name if the report’s name was changed after the reporting job was created.
  • The ‘Fixed Costs’ label in the project properties will now use the custom terminology term used set up in Database Options.
  • The regional setting to be used on a scheduled reporting job was not saved and used properly. This could result in incorrect date and time formats. Now, the regional setting used will be that of the user who scheduled the reporting job.

*** Update June 30, 2016***

It appears that our Development team was working overtime and snuck in another update! One of the highest voted suggestions on our feedback forum has been completed. You can now use single digits to enter start and stop times on the time entry details form. Yay!

All feedback is welcome! Please comment below!
Jody Smallman
Cloud Services Manager

Timesheets… Ugh!

Let me ask you this,

Well, I can guess even before publishing this post that most will say no.  It’s one more thing you have to do in addition to your zillion other tasks each week.  I forgot, I didn’t have the time, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all.


I’ve been in this business for over 20 years and it’s never changed.  Although the need to collect the data still exists today as it did then and for different reasons, billing, payroll, project costing, tax credits and estimating, and perhaps even for time management.  Nevertheless, people dislike doing the task or just don’t make it a priority, so how can we entice people to complete the task on time?  I would like to share with you what I’ve learned on the subject in the hope that maybe I can make your task a little less daunting.


  • If at all possible, make certain the list of tasks for each project is limited to three tasks.  Make generic broad categories that people can relate to for each project like Collaboration would encompass everything from meetings to off-line discussions, e-mails, telephone.  When time is entered, users can type in a description if they want to capture more details.
  • Ensure people know the importance and the reasons why they need to track time.  When people have a better understanding of the reasons why something is done, they will be more inclined to doing it.
  • If it is not in their habit to provide time information, see if there is something you can do to motivate them to change the way they work to include this task, like setting up a notification in the Timesheet job scheduler as a reminder.  If you are able to incorporate it in a person’s daily or weekly habit, they will  more inclined to remember to do it each day or week, however you prefer.
  • Give them several alternatives to enter time using their computer, a phone or tablet for instance.  Essentially, whatever gets the job done, with the technology we have today, it’s possible.
  • Track your time as well, even if you don’t need to.  You will understand what works and doesn’t.  Teach by example🙂
  • Ask people to give you their feedback so that you know how to make things easier for them.  Engaging people in a decision that you’ve made will make them more likely to embrace it.





Top 10 List

It’s a fact.  People don’t like filling in timesheets.  But, instead of focusing on why we don’t like it, let’s give ourselves good reasons to do it.  Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why we should submit our timesheets (by Jeff Nagle @ Dovico Software)

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 2.58.13 PM

Reporting tips

Need a raw data report to work in Excel or to import into another Software?

-Simply create a new report and select “Raw Data” as the “How do you want to display the data”.
-This will display the report in a raw format with no formatting.


Author: Phil Godin    pgodin@dovico.com


Carl’s corner

    A common questions I get asked, is how to setup workflows.  Workflow are in place so Administrators or Managers can approve submitted time.

  Navigate to MENU ⇒ VIEWS ⇒ Approval Workspace ⇒  Workflows

 There are two types of Workflows:


   1- Sheet-based approval workflows are used to direct an employee’s submitted time or expense sheet, as a whole, to one or more approving managers.

   2-Project-based approval workflows are used to direct submitted time or expenses that are tracked against a specific project to one or more approving managers.

  For more details please see the link below.


Author: Carl Chase       cchase@dovico.com

Senior Support Technician



Own your happiness

When you know the people around you speak words they don’t understand? Meaning that they are giving lip service, but their actions do not represent their words.  It’s at that moment you realize it: they are prejudice, they are hypocritical and they don’t like to see others prosper.  I knew I didn’t want to be or do the same.


But of course, some has rubbed off and I have become similar.  Now approaching 50, the meaning of the word “positive” has never rang more clearly in my ears.  It’s contagious. You can’t help but be positive and happy around those that are pleasant and smiling with an “I got this” attitude.  I never blamed the people around me for who I’ve become because I’m not a bad person.  I turned out great. You always have to think of yourself as amazing or who else will.  Know that to change and become a better you does not require anything more than your great attitude.  Your parents played that gene roll but as far as happiness goes, it’s really about you, what you do, who you hang with and your dreams.  Everyone’s got dreams. You may not be able to document them just yet, but you will.  It’s easier to dream big when you’re young because that “what if I fail?“ feeling doesn’t come creeping in until you’ve grown.  When you’re young, it’s “who cares, I’ll try again”. We lose that somewhere along the way.  It’s too bad really because we all know that without failure we would never know true success.  I’m dreaming big and not going to worry about what the naysayers think.   Something I can tell you for sure is that it’s all in who you surround yourself with. Recently, I was in a group of motivated, positive and inspired people and let me tell you being around overachievers is contagious. You become one. Poof! 


I took a long look at myself in the mirror. I mean a really close look, and it was daunting for me.  I’d become big and lazy and knew it.  That long look gave me the motivation to take action and start changing my activity level.  I did it. I started slowly then took accountable actions to my daily ritual.  I posted online with my friends who encouraged and inspired me to continue on this wonderful journey.  I worked out early in the morning, ate a nutritional breakfast instead of having a quick coffee.  That was just the beginning of my healthy habits that continue to form and grow into energy and happiness.  You see, it’s not about where I started, it’s about where I’m going and how I get there.  Being positive and happy is within you my friends.  Find that inspiration and let it be contagious.

Author:  Shelley Butler    VP of Sales and Marketing