Own your happiness

When you know the people around you speak words they don’t understand? Meaning that they are giving lip service, but their actions do not represent their words.  It’s at that moment you realize it: they are prejudice, they are hypocritical and they don’t like to see others prosper.  I knew I didn’t want to be or do the same.


But of course, some has rubbed off and I have become similar.  Now approaching 50, the meaning of the word “positive” has never rang more clearly in my ears.  It’s contagious. You can’t help but be positive and happy around those that are pleasant and smiling with an “I got this” attitude.  I never blamed the people around me for who I’ve become because I’m not a bad person.  I turned out great. You always have to think of yourself as amazing or who else will.  Know that to change and become a better you does not require anything more than your great attitude.  Your parents played that gene roll but as far as happiness goes, it’s really about you, what you do, who you hang with and your dreams.  Everyone’s got dreams. You may not be able to document them just yet, but you will.  It’s easier to dream big when you’re young because that “what if I fail?“ feeling doesn’t come creeping in until you’ve grown.  When you’re young, it’s “who cares, I’ll try again”. We lose that somewhere along the way.  It’s too bad really because we all know that without failure we would never know true success.  I’m dreaming big and not going to worry about what the naysayers think.   Something I can tell you for sure is that it’s all in who you surround yourself with. Recently, I was in a group of motivated, positive and inspired people and let me tell you being around overachievers is contagious. You become one. Poof! 


I took a long look at myself in the mirror. I mean a really close look, and it was daunting for me.  I’d become big and lazy and knew it.  That long look gave me the motivation to take action and start changing my activity level.  I did it. I started slowly then took accountable actions to my daily ritual.  I posted online with my friends who encouraged and inspired me to continue on this wonderful journey.  I worked out early in the morning, ate a nutritional breakfast instead of having a quick coffee.  That was just the beginning of my healthy habits that continue to form and grow into energy and happiness.  You see, it’s not about where I started, it’s about where I’m going and how I get there.  Being positive and happy is within you my friends.  Find that inspiration and let it be contagious.

Author:  Shelley Butler    VP of Sales and Marketing


One response to Own your happiness

  1. Melani


    Following your progress on FB as you embrace a few life changes, and it is inspiring. 🙂 Helped me get it together and join the gym! Keep it up, you never know who’s watching, listening, learning and getting inspiration to do the same. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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