January 2016 Service Update

New year, new updates! Our release, January 2016 service update, has been successfully updated. The release includes 2 new improvements and 12 bug fixes.

New in the January 2016 update:

Strong Password

A strong password is required for each user when the ‘Enforce Strong Password’ option is checked in the Database Option’s General tab (Menu > Setup > Database Options).

A strong password:

  • Must contain at least 8 characters
  • Must contain at least 3 of the following character types – uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number or special character
  • Cannot contain the user’s User Name


When the box is checked for the first time, only future passwords will need to meet the strong password requirements. Existing users will have to manually reset their own passwords.

Note: Users linked to Active Directory are exempt from these requirements unless a similar option has been enabled within Active Directory.

Calculated Fields Like Function

Added the ‘Like’ function to the Calculated Fields available functions when creating a formula.

As an example, the Like function can be used to identify if a task name has the string ‘Design’ included in the name using this statement ‘CASE WHEN [Task Name] LIKE ‘%Design%’ THEN ‘Yes’ ELSE ‘No’ END’. The Calculated Field would show a ‘Yes’ if the task name included the string ‘Design’ and a ‘No’ if it did not. Note the % symbol is a wildcard symbol used to match any string of characters.



  • The last column in the Project Time and Cost report was being cut off when the report is opened in PDF or printed. The report should now export and print correctly.
  • Corrected an issue where cursor focus was lost when tabbing from field to field in time and expense entry tools.
  • For our clients that use the Active Directory integration, the account lockout feature was not recognizing usernames that included the @ symbol.
  • Session timeouts were not occurring. This has been corrected and the sessions will now correctly timeout after 24 hours of inactivity.
  • We have corrected an issue where reports that are run directly from views outside of the Reports Explorer (Invoice, Bulk Time Move, Currencies, etc.) were not enabled for new custom Security Groups which were granted access to those views.
  • Sorting was not working on the Employee Time Summary report. It now sorts correctly by employee name.
  • Added an OK button on the Leave/Absences alert ‘Please specify a calculation type for accrual rule”.
  • Corrected an issue where you may receive an Input string in incorrect format’ error when creating a new folder in the Legacy Reports Explorer.
  • When adding a Calculated column using the Edge browser, the cursor was placed incorrectly at the beginning of the added column in the Formula field. It is now placed at the end of the added column in the Formula field.
  • The rejection reason input for expense sheet rejection was being cut off after 200 characters. We have added validation to the field that only allows 200 characters to be entered. Its original validation was for 250 characters which was incorrect.
  • Fixed a problem where an expense sheet that had a negative value was routed directly to the Approved Expenses Reimbursed view instead of the To Be Reimbursed view.
  • We are removing the ability to change the SMTP settings via the Database Options view and in the Job Scheduler wizard. These settings do not have to be modified from the default values and in many cases causes issues with email delivery if they are modified. We intend on removing these configuration settings in the future. All email notifications and jobs will continue to be sent using the Dovico’s internal mail service.

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