June 2016 Service Update


There is a new update being rolled out on June 28. It includes the first phase of our Login Procedure Update and we have squashed some bugs!

New in June 2016:

Phase 1 of Login Procedure Update

The employee email address field is now a required field for any new user added to the application or to any existing employee profile that is edited.

This is the first phase in Dovico’s transition to using an employee’s email addresses as the User ID/Name when logging into Dovico. I have already notified the primary contacts for your organization about the change. For more details on the transition please check out this link.


  • Under some Zoom conditions in the Chrome browser, the size of the assignment tree pane (on the left of the Time Entry and Project Assignments views) would increase in width when entering/leaving the view until the right side pane became hidden. This should not happen anymore.
  • Timesheet will no longer send email notifications or reports to a user whose license has been removed.
  • A newly created project was not automatically added to an existing Job Scheduler reporting job set up using ‘All’ in the report’s Project List filter. These newly created projects will now be added to existing Job Scheduler reporting jobs.
  • A scheduled reporting job will now use the correct report name if the report’s name was changed after the reporting job was created.
  • The ‘Fixed Costs’ label in the project properties will now use the custom terminology term used set up in Database Options.
  • The regional setting to be used on a scheduled reporting job was not saved and used properly. This could result in incorrect date and time formats. Now, the regional setting used will be that of the user who scheduled the reporting job.

*** Update June 30, 2016***

It appears that our Development team was working overtime and snuck in another update! One of the highest voted suggestions on our feedback forum has been completed. You can now use single digits to enter start and stop times on the time entry details form. Yay!

All feedback is welcome! Please comment below!
Jody Smallman
Cloud Services Manager

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