September 2016 Service Update

On September 6, we are rolling out an update to the software that includes the 2nd phase of our Login Procedure Update, a new password expiry feature, and a couple bug fixes!!

New in September 2016:

Phase 2 of Login Procedure Update

Employees are able to login using either their User Names or their email addresses. When logging into the software for the first time after the update, users will be asked to confirm their email addresses. Once the employees have confirmed their email they can start using it to login to Timesheet.

This is the second phase in Dovico’s transition to using an employee’s email address as the User Name when logging into Dovico. Primary contacts for your organization have already been contacted about this change. For more details on the transition, please check out this link.

Password Expiry Feature

The option to expire passwords on set intervals for all users has been added to Timesheet. It is available in the Database Options screen. Once this option is enabled, a user with an expired password will be prompted to change his or her password before completing their next login. Also adjustable is the minimum number of days – after changing a password, that a user has to wait before changing his or her password again.


  • Fixed cost reports do not load properly (reporting incorrect values) in time entry view reports while they load the correct values in the Reports view.
  • Corrected a problem where if you created a copy of the Administrator security group and removed access to costing information (the Cost Security checkboxes), the Employee view would still show both employee rate fields.


All feedback is welcome! Please comment below!

Jody Smallman
Cloud Services Manager


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