Reporting with custom fields in Dovico Timesheet

Custom fields are a great way to store more information than provided with default fields


Dovico Timesheet has a great built-in report builder for customized reports, but sometimes you need to store and report on another piece of data. Here’s a great example of how a customer was able to use custom fields;

“This week I had a client that was interested in reporting on both the department that their employees worked for, as well as the job role they had.

The client was already using the employee group field as their department and didn’t know what to do about the job role. I went through how to easily add a custom field to the employee view which they now use to store the job role, with a few simple clicks we added the job role to their existing reports. Creating custom fields are a great way to store more information than we have provided with default fields. Another very happy client. :)”

by Wendy LeBlanc,
Account Executive at

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Originally published at DOVICO — Blog.